Anarchy: The Only Thing That Exists

Because Christ is King, any other is false.

Notice the necessity of coercion in worldly governance, it is a mark of illegitimacy.

Without actual authority, coercion is necessary to force compliance, there is no other option.

Mutual, voluntary, cooperation is the mark of those who comprehend the authority of Christ.

Those who either do not comprehend, or actively rebel against Christ, like Lucifer, attempt to make their own twisted and depraved version of the Only Kingdom.

-This is of course a great honor given to God, that His creation desires to be more fully like their Creator.

-However, there are times when we should be like ourselves.

Anarchy is the only thing that remains. No gods-but Yahweh, no kings-but Christ, no masters-but the Lord.

It is justice, that no human being stands over another human being in judgement.

Injustice, as a negation, is inherently unstable, and thus human and demonically prompted attempts at usurpation, will never stand for any great length of time.

The only response to these injustices, is that given by Christ: render to Caesar, what is Caesar's.

-Nonviolent, subversive, resistance is the limit. Descending into unjust violence, is the first step towards unjust usurpation, and thus, the first step towards evil.

-Taking Christ as exemplar: arrest and death is a real possibility, but that is no reason to shrink back from resistance to evil.

A major barrier to just resistance, is clinging to the perceived benefits of the usurpers via greed.

Unchecked consumerism, fear of being thrust into a position of being branded a troublemaker, sedate many into not engaging in the work of mercy and justice to resist usurpers.

The work is difficult, it requires working and living outside the sphere of influence of usurpers:

-Making raw materials.

-Crafting things from those raw materials.

-Making monetary systems.

-Aiding others in escaping the sedated masses.

A useful methodology to implement this work of resistance, is nomadism:

-Unbridled consumerism is difficult when you have to carry everything you own with you from place to place.

-In all things the nomad must rely on God completely.

-Many will hate nomads for various reasons, so a good reputation will be difficult to obtain in the first place.

However, many other attempts are useful and necessary: ascetic lives, hermetic lives, communal lives.

As we have done throughout the ages, guided by the Spirit, we must continue, as we follow the direction-and act in the strength-given by Christ, our true and only King.